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Pedro Carmona Saez– Group Leader

Lecturer at Statistics department of University of Granada. Interested in methods to extract useful knowledge from large biological datasets. Current research focused on statistical and computational tools to decipher molecular mechanims of complex diseases from multiomics data.

Dani Toro– Postdoct-Joint with M. Alarcón

PhD from the University of Granada. Focused on classification methods in autoinmmune diseases and response to treatment modelling

Jordi Martorell Marugan– Postdoct

MSc in Omics Data Analysis from the University of Vic and PhD from the University of Granada. Focused on the development of methods and software tools, mainly in R, fo integration of omics data.

Jose Liñares Blanco– Postdoct

PhD in Computer Science from the University of A Coruña (UDC). Focused on the development and application of new Machine Learning methods to analyze multi-omics data in cancer and other complex diseases.

Raul Lopez Dominguez– PhD Student

MSc in Bioinformatics from the University of Murcia. I am a PhD student involved in the analysis of regulatory networks from omics data.

Adrian Garcia Moreno– PhD Student

MSc in BioInformatics and Computational Biology by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Interested in developing tools for pathway analysis.

Juan Antonio Villatoro Garcia – PhD Student

MSc in Statistics from the University of Granada. Mainly interested in developing statistical methods for gene expression meta-analysis.

Ivan Ellson Lancho – PhD Student

MSc in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics from the University Oberta of Catalunya. I am focused on the study of pediatric Acute Myeloid Leukemia through multi-omics data analysis. Collaboration with Dr. Ramos

Marina Vargas Fernandez– PhD Student

BsC in Mathematics from the University of Granada and MsC in Omics Data Analysis from the University of Seville. Focused on mathematical modelling, network analysis and statistical data integration for disease development description.

Samuel Pérez Fernández– Bioinformatician

BsC in Health Engineering from the University of Málaga. Working on computational optimization of applications

Current Master Students

Pablo Jurado

Celia Feria